Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Thing From the 80s Cake

My husband turned the big 30 this year. I racked my brain for awhile as to what kind of cake to make for him. It needed to be a good one for such a momentous birthday.  One day while we were sitting in the livingroom, one of our girls pulled out his old Rubix cube to play with.  Then it hit me--why not do an 80s cake--one that represented his childhood and birth into one of the best decades ever (I may be biased--I am a total 80s child too).

I pulled in 3 elements from the 80s into his cake--3 things that were a big part of his childhood--Smurfs, PacMan, and Rubix cubes (he is the fastest Rubix cube solver I have ever met).

The Rubix cube was rice krispy treats covered in black chocolate fondant while the PacMan layer was a yellow cake filled with pineapple filling, resulting in a yummy pina colada-ish flavor (his personal favorite).

I molded the smurf out of some blue and white fondant/gumtex mixture and made him hold the candle on top. Isn't he cute? For being the first smurf I've ever tried to make, I think he turned out pretty good.

The best part of this whole thing is that my hubby had no idea that I was making him a cake. It was a total surprise.  I diligently worked on different parts of it every naptime for a week (molding the smurf, making the rubix cube squares, the Pac Man elements, etc.) since I couldn't work on it at all after kids went to bed at night since he would be home and see it.  Because of that I didn't get finished all the elements that I had hoped to put on there (an MTV emblem, Ghostbusters logo, Thriller cassette tape, etc.), but I still love how the cake turned out, and I loved seeing his expression when he saw his cake for the first time.

I made a little card to go with it--I looked up "80s slang" on google so I could use some of those words on the card. If you come from the 80s and need a good laugh, google that and read the different slang terms.  I was totally cracking up, mainly because I totally remember saying a bunch of them, and some I still do (like "totally"--just look at my previous sentence--and "dude"). Anyways, the card was kind of lame, but I still had fun writing it and watching him read it:

We had a fun time celebrating the big 30 with my wonderful and amazing husband. He is the the best thing that came from 80s!

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  1. I love all the research that you put into that great cake, it is so fun, I wish that I could do something so amazing nice job Robyn!