Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah's Birthday Cake

My visiting teachee had a birthday last week, so I whipped up a quick cake for her. I saw one similar to this one in one of the Wilton course books that I teach from. It looked fun, so I gave it a try.

My one learning experience from this came as I tried to make the filling. I searched several stores to find something called Danish Dessert. It's a box mix used to make strawberry or rasberry glaze/sauce/filling. I used it all the time when I lived in Utah. Well, I came to find out that stores in Las Vegas do not carry this item. I found a recipe online that stated it tasted just like the boxed Danish Dessert. Well, I tried making it, but iIt didn't set up like they stated it would, so I had to go back and thicken it with cornstarch. Unfortunately I think I got a little bit cornstarch crazy and put too much in. It thickened it more than I wanted and had a cornstarchy taste. Oops. I know now to stock up on Danish Dessert next time I go up to Utah.

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  1. What a fun site! I'm excited to see all of your creations!