Monday, January 4, 2010

Adam and Rachel Larsen's Wedding Cake

Success! I made a wedding cake for my nephew Adam and his cute fiance (now wife) Rachel during the Christmas holiday. I was worried with how it would actually turn out, but once I finished I was very happy with the final product.
It was a 3 tier cake (6", 10" and 14" round layers), with each tier being a little less than 6" high. The bottom and top tier were chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling, with the middle tier being a marble cake with chocolate ganache filling.
Rachel had told me that she wanted a cake with fondant bows/draping that looked like piece of fabric and been pulled loosely around that cake and tied in a bow instead of the look of a piece of ribbon pulled around and tied. It was rather difficult to maneuver a piece of fondant long enough to wrap around the 14" bottom and sculpt it right, but with the help of my wonderful husband and his 2 hands and mine, we were able to get it just right before the fondant ripped and cracked. After it had all dried I painted it with white luster dust mixed with clear vanilla to give it a satin sheen.
She also wanted me to duplicate the lace motif that was on her dress onto the cake. I piped the lace design with royal icing, painted the middle with white luster dust+vanilla mixture, and added edible 4mm pearls. (Here is a picture of pieces of her lace)

To finish it off Chris dry luster dusted the entire cake (while I was painting the inside of the lace design) and we added an 8mm edible pearl border to the middle tier. Because my nephew is such a huge Disney fan, I added a "hidden Mickey" in the pearl border. It was a hit. Everyone at the reception was looking all over the cake trying to find the hidden mickey. I may put a hidden mickey in all my cakes now. It makes the cakes more interactive!


  1. That is the most beautiful wedding cake ever! I still can't believe the ribbon and bow are fondant! Amazing!!

  2. Amazing. Seriously. Someday we need to live next door to each other so you can teach me everything you know!! And I would like to hire you in advance (20-some odd years) to do all of my children's wedding cakes!!

  3. WOW!! Robyn!! You are amazing! I want to order a cake from you!! Do you take orders?? I would LOVE a quote!

  4. Brooke--I've been meaning to catch you at church to talk to you more about my cakes. Just let me know what you are thinking of and I can give you a quote.

  5. This is one of the prettiest wedding cakes I have ever seen. I love how you piped the lace motif. A couple of questions. Did you make the larger pearls yourself? Is this cake fondant covered? How tall are the tiers? They look nice and tall. Great job!

  6. Hi Leigh,
    I'm glad you liked the cake so much. It was a fun one to do. I actually just bought some edible pearls online (I think at The tiers are 6 inches high each and covered in fondant.