Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sesame Street Birthday Party

It took my third baby turning 3 years old to have a sesame street party at our house. I'm surprised it took that long. Sesame street was a childhood favorite of mine, and those characters still have a special place in my heart. Elmo won over her heart, so this year it was all about him. I convinced Princess #3 to let me add in a few of the other characters too, to keep Elmo company. That seemed to appease her.

You guys know by now that I am all about the cake at parties. I was so excited to do this cake. I loved the bright Sesame street colors. You can't help but be happy with all those colors around. The classic Sesame Street street sign with her name and age on it was a perfect decoration for the top tier with Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster underneath.

I can't help but smile with all those happy faces staring back at me. I had some blue fondant on hand and some red and yellow modeling chocolate too, so I did Big Bird and Elmo out of modeling chocolate and Cookie Monster out of fondant. Modeling chocolate was easier to use and is what I would recommend using if someone tries it themselves.

 Cupcakes probably are overkill with a cake there to serve too, but when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I couldn't not make them. They were calling my name. Super easy to make, just bake up some chocolate cupcakes, cut a mouth shape out and use the grass tip to make their fur. Add some googly eye, a nose on Elmo, and a cookie in Cookie Monster's mouth, and you are done!

And a Sesame Street party just can't happen without some delicious cookies for Cookie Monster and all his friends and fans.

In case guests wanted something other than cake and cookies, we had an Elmo and Big Bird fruit platter with some sweet strawberries, blackberries, and oranges for Elmo, and pineapple and banana for Big Bird. Some yogurt and blackberries finished off the eyes for both puppets.

For decorations we made these cute pom pom characters. I had a hard time getting rid of these guys after the party. I think I kept them hanging up for 2 more months, until I finally had to take them down because we were selling our house and moving across the country. It broke my heart to throw them into the trash. I guess if I made Oscar the Grouch I wouldn't have felt as bad putting them in the garbage ;)

A cute little framed sign and some colorful letters scattered around the table finished things off!

 ...and of course Princess #3's Elmo joined the party for some food and fun. He may or may not have tried to eat a cookie monster cupcake while he was up there.

This post has been brought to you by the letter C and the number 3! Happy birthday!