Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Surprise

I got him good! I totally surprised my husband for Valentine's Day with this cake. He had no idea I had made it (I totally lucked out Saturday night too--he said he'd probably get done studying around 9:30 at night then come home--I frantically decorated the cake--I finally finished at 11:15pm, hid the cake, and hurried and cleaned up, and he walked in the door at 11:25pm--studying took longer than he thought...well, come to find out he was making me a cute Valentine card at school which took him longer than he planned, and totally surprised me too with that and a voucher to go to a nice Italian restaurant--yes, I'm obsessed with anything Italian).

I saw this idea online, and just had to make it. It was too cute to pass up. I made a double fudge chocolate cake in my heart pan, filled it with chocolate ganache, covered it in a thin coating of vanilla icing, then white fondant, and then with different colored fondant hearts, cutting them out so they would fit snuggly together and look like overlapping conversation hearts.

Then I took an edible food writer marker and wrote the messages on the hearts, and finished it off by putting real conversation hearts around the bottom. A cake almost too cute to eat...but don't worry, we cut right into it after dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sidenote: Conversation hearts through the years:
"Call Me" (1980s), "Email Me" (1990s), "Text me" (2000s), "Tweet Me" (2010s). What will be next? We'll just have to wait and see. (Chris thinks "Beam me up Hottie" is a definite possibility)

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  1. Wow! Love this! Good job!