Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eagle Scout Cake

I just finished a cake for an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for my friend Lisa's son. I molded the medal out of fondant with the lettering on it in royal icing, and painted the "metal" parts with silver dusting powder mixed with clear vanilla to get it to resemble real metal.

The cake itself was a 12x12 butter cake filled with a strawberry cream and iced in lemon buttercream.


  1. Hi! In doing a little research for an Eagle Court of Honor cake for my son I stumbled upon your cake. It's amazing! I'm planning on attempting to sculpt the medal for his cake and was wondering if you had any words of wisdom you could share with me. I'm a little nervous. :)

  2. Wendy,
    For the eagle part, what I found worked pretty well is to roll out a piece of gray fondant (with gumtex added) to the thickness you want for the medal, then place a picture of the eagle scout medal over top. I used a pin to poke holes around the perimeter of the picture to get a basic outline, then removed the paper, and used an exacto-knife to carefully cut out the eagle. From there its just using whatever you have (toothpicks, different fondant tools, etc) to add the different textures to the eagle. Let it thoroughly dry before painting it with silver luster dust mixed with clear vanilla. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. can you please contact me? i have a question about a cake that i want made in may for my birthday.

  4. How much is this to order the Eagle Scout cake from you? I live in Iowa City. Please contact me at