Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Last month I helped host a baby shower for my friend Melanie who is expecting a baby girl any day now. Since it is her first girl and she has been all boy and blue until now with her little 2 year old toddler, we wanted to inundate her with pink for this shower. We used a color scheme of 2 shades of pink, brown, and white--so girly and so perfect for the shower. The theme was "Sugar and Spice." We did a savory and dessert crepe for the meal with a cookie buffet for dessert. Mmmm...let's just say that I was in heaven eating the banana and nutella crepes that my friend Marci made. That sure takes me back to my quick trip to Paris while on study abroad. I was in charge of the cookie buffet. I had found some recipes I had been wanting to try, and of course, they had to involve some kind of pink. The first was a recipe I found here on Bakerella's site. I bought a few bags of the valentine's M&Ms in February so I could do these. Yes, they did come with red ones too. And darn-it-all, they just didn't match so I had to get rid of them...oh, don't worry, I didn't let them go to waste ;). I discovered the key to baking these cookies so they look good and colorful--when making up the cookie dough, save a handful of M&Ms out. When you roll the dough into balls and put them on your cookie sheet, stick a few more M&Ms around the top. Those will then stay on top of the cookies when they back, so you can actually see the pinks and whites.
The other 2 were a Meringue drop that I colored half of them pink and left the other white, and a Chocolate Crinkle cookie that I rolled in pink powdered sugar before baking. I had some difficulty getting the powdered sugar pink, but with some determination and a ziplock back full of powdered sugar and some pink food coloring paste, I finally got it pink.
What else goes better with cookies than some milk? I loved how this matched the whole color scheme.

We had such a fun time visiting together and seeing all the cute, girly baby clothes that Melanie received. With 2 girls of my own, it's safe to say we love pink around here.