Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Last month I had the opportunity to co-host a baby shower for my good friend Krissi.  She just had the cutest little boy last week and we were so excited to celebrate her upcoming arrival a few weeks before.

We went with a rubber ducky theme--I love rubber ducks and I had been eyeing the ducky cupcakes from What's New Cupcake for a couple years now with the itch to make them.

They were fun to make.  Donut hole for the head and half of a marshmallow for the tail.  My favorites are the ones with their bums up in the air.

I saw a cake with a similar ducky motif around the sides on Pinterest and wanted to try it out.  None of my cricut cake cartridges had a ducky on it so I had to resort to a cookie cutter.  It took a lot of searching to find a mini ducky cookie cutter small enough to be able to do this cake, and I finally found one on Etsy.  

Did I mention she is having a boy--hence the one blue ducky :)

I saw a recipe on pinterest for this ducky bath drink--ginger ale, blue koolaid, grape juice, and pineapple sherbet.  It froths up like bubbles in the bath, and tasted really yummy.

I got this idea for the picture from my friend Rachele who threw a ducky shower a couple of years ago.  It says "D is for Duck" underneath the picture.

Here are a few other of our cute decorations:

Directions for the ducky in the fish bowl can be found here.  I was excited to make it and take it home afterwards--my daughters' bathroom is a ducky theme and this fit in perfectly with the decor :)

Carrie, my co-host made some delicious cream puffs filled with chicken salad as well as some savory pretzel bites.  They tasted so good.

After 2 girls, Krissi was excited to get some cute little boy clothes for baby #3.  We are so glad that he made it here safely.  And I have to admit that I am a little jealous that she had her baby last week--I have been just 2 weeks behind her this whole pregnancy, and am ready for my little one to come.  38 weeks today.  Waiting, waiting, waiting...

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