Thursday, July 29, 2010

Megan and Dusty's Wedding Cake

It was wedding time again in our family--this time was my niece Megan's turn. Her colors were black and white with hot pink accents. She found a cake design she liked and all I had to do was copy it.

It was 4 tiers tall: 6", 10", 14", and 18" squares. The bottom tier was actually a styrofoam layer since they didn't need that much cake. I did the 6" and 14" layers in a butter-almond cake with layers of rasberry filling and vanilla buttercream. The 10" layer was a chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream. I was very happy with how moist the cakes stayed even when I had to assemble them 2 days before the wedding.

This is a before-flowers shot after I had finished all the decorating. I did all the black detailing using chocolate royal icing that I dyed black--dyeing it black was more of a challenge than I anticipated, but after adding extra cocoa powder to my frosting and a full large tub of black food coloring paste, I finally got it black. Luckily it was only for the outside detailing, because it sure tasted aweful with all that food coloring in it.

Being from the same Disney-loving family that my last wedding cake went to, I had to keep tradition by hiding a hidden mickey on the cake. It was pretty obvious, but I stuck it in the back to make it a little more inconspicuous.

Megan's fiance Dusty didn't want to be left out from the special additions, so he requested a hidden Y on the cake, since he is an avid BYU sports fan. This is the best I could do while still keeping with the scroll design.

And here's the cute couple cutting the cake. We are very excited to have Dusty join our family.(Don't mind my nephew's head sticking out from behind the cake.)

It was another wonderful wedding. We really enjoyed the day full of celebration and are very happy for Megan and Dusty to begin their life together as an eternal family.


  1. You do such an amazing job! And I love the idea of the hidden accents. :)

  2. Your cake is beautiful! If its okay I would love to e-mail you sometime with some questions because I am going to make my brothers wedding cake and I would love to have of your advice!

  3. Anytime, Jennie. Just drop me an email (preferably to my hotmail account if you still have that address)