Thursday, November 7, 2013

Minnie Mouse Zebra Party--The Sequel

I loved making my daughter's Minnie Mouse/zebra cake and party a few years ago, so when my sister-in-law wanted a similar party and cake for my niece for a first birthday, I was excited to get working on the cake.  She loved the cake I had made previously, but gave me permission to do what I wanted as long as it was similar. I kept some similar elements, but revamped the design a bit, and I loved the outcome (I think I love it better than the other cake).

The head was a lot easier to do this time--I used half of the Wilton sports ball pan for the cake, which I covered in my black chocolate marshmallow fondant.

I kneaded some gumtex into a piece of the chocolate fondant, rolled it out (not too thin), and cut 2 circles out of it for the ears. I used my circle cutter to then cut a small section out of each ear so it would fit along the curve of the minnie head. The ears dried stiff overnight and I glued them onto the head with a little clear vanilla extract.

A cute bow on top helps make it Minnie instead of Mickey :)

The pink and white polka dot ruffle is just a piece of pink fondant that was cut into a circle, then the edges were rolled a little to thin them out and make a ruffle appearance. After putting it on the cake I went around the cake and helped the ruffle out a little by doing a pie crust pinch carefully along the edges.

Miss Caroline was a big fan of the chocolate fondant. She went to town on that head.

And I had to throw in this picture of the birthday girl with her peeps.  My babe is the one on the right. Aren't those kiddos pinkalicious? Love them. Caroline's outfit was beyond darling. Nicky got it from Etsy.

First birthdays are the best! Even if the birthday girl doesn't remember it, at least we have pictures to show her later on :)

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  1. Your cakes are amazing Robyn! And they keep getting better and better!