Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Doctor is in

I'm back!  We have had lots of changes around here.  My husband graduated from medical school (hurray!!) and we moved across country from Las Vegas to Iowa for residency.  We have settled in, are officially U of I Hawkeye fans, and ready to make more cakes and desserts.  For my husband's birthday last month I decided some doctor-inspired cupcakes were in order for our new Dr. Larson.

I made all the embellishments out of fondant/gumtex and modeling chocolate (all the red was modeling chocolate).  We had red cross symbols, red/white pills, little blue pills (not Viagra--although that is what my husband's coworker thought they were), bandaids, and thermometers.  I loved the digital thermometer.  I painted the screen and end with silver luster dust and painted the numbers on with black gel food coloring.

 I made a butter white cake filled with strawberry whipped cream, and topped with the most amazing Vanilla Buttercream Frosting--a new recipe I tried out from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  It is worth trying out.  Trust me.  Light, fluffy, and no greasy-tasting shortening in it at all.

We surprised Dr. Larson at work, embarrassed him a little in front of his co-workers (that's what wives and kids do best :) and left him with a tray full of cupcakes to share with everyone there. Happy 29th birthday, Dr. Larson!

(An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but with doctor-inspired cupcakes like these, I may not mind going to the doctor ;)


  1. LOVE them!!! They all look amazing!

  2. So cute Robyn!! Those are way better than the plain chocolate chip cookies I sent with Jordan to take to work for his coworkers!