Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Over the Hill Birthday Cake

I had fun making this cake for my brother's 40th birthday. As a little sister, it's my duty to rub it in his face that he is getting old...and that I will always be younger than him :) An Over-the-Hill cake must have a hill. This one has a road going up and over the hill with my brother's Ford Truck right at the top, just about to start on the down hill.

I had so much fun with the details in the signs and tombstones on this cake. Along with the RIPs I threw in one VIP for him, because in my book he is a very important person (a little sister also always looks up to an older brother).

On the way down the hill there were caution signs saying "Hair Loss Ahead," "Steep Grades Next 20 Years," "Soft Shoulders and Stiff Joints," "Slow," and of course "Dead End." Isn't aging great?!

On the way up the hill we had the city sign "Douglas" est. 1974 (his birth year), "One Way" and "Watch for Children" (you know--all those years having kids--he has 6--I'm sure that has helped speed up the graying process in his hair :)

And of course some speed limit signs indicating his age on this path of life.

That's a steep drop off after that Dead End...

Happy Birthday Doug! I had so much fun making this cake for you.

...And for the record, I'm still younger than you ;)

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