Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flowers and Butterflies Birthday Cake

A flower and butterfly-themed birthday cake for my friend's little girl. You can't get much girlier than that. I got my inspiration here for this cake, and ran with it. I found the butterfly cookie cutters here on Amazon. They come with a variety of butterfly shapes in them.

Adding a couple fondant bows, edible sugar pearls for the flower centers, and fondant bead border upped the girly volume. Perfect for this little princess:

Make a wish!

Her mommy didn't want anything fruity, so we stuck with a butter cake with chocolate ganache filling, and a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling--a chocoholic's dream!

Happy Birthday, Grace! Welcome to the "terrific twos" (for your parent's sake lets hope that is what this year holds rather than the terrible twos :)

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