Monday, January 25, 2010

101 Gourmet Cupcakes

Okay, I've just discovered this book...well, actually my sweet sister gave it to me for Christmas, but I finally decided to try it out this week. LOVE IT! Seriously, this book is awesome.

Wendy Paul has come up with so many scrumptious cupcake recipes. After looking through this book I started dreaming about cupcakes--chocolate rasberry trifle, chocolate caramel surprise, banana struesel, peach cobbler--wow, my mouth is watering again just mentioning them.

Besides the fact that these recipes all sound downright delicious, this book is great because she takes regular cake mixes and just adds additional ingredients to create these masterpieces of desserts. Also, you don't have to do one whole batch of one flavor. Instead, pick 2 or 3 recipes that use the same cake mix as the base and just half or third the recipe, thereby being able to make 2-3 different flavors simultaneously. Amazing.

Here is my first trial of a couple of her recipes--the Lemon Blueberry and the Lemon Cream, both with a Lemon Whipped Cream icing on top. The Lemon Blueberry was my favorite--such a yummy combination of flavors. The Lemon Cream was good too, although I think it would have been much better if I had used regular cream cheese and regular sour cream instead of the fat free stuff I had on hand (but I guess I'm more apt to eat them if I know they are slightly healthier for me :)

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  1. So.....I'm counting on you bringing us some to try the next time you make some of those delicious cupcakes of yours, deal??